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Prince & Bates
Bupa London 10 km run,
raising money for Fight for Sight

Prince & Bates have a team running the Bupa London 10K in order to raise money for Fight for Sight, the UK's leading charity dedicated to funding research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease (Reg Charity 1111438).

Any donation would be gratefully received using the link below

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  • Photo of frames on display
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  • Photo of frames on display
At Prince and Bates, we are dedicated to supplying the highest level of professional care. Using highly qualified staff and up to date technology, we provide eye examinations, contact lenses and all types of spectacles. Our aim is to supply high quality service and optical goods at an affordable and fair price, in modern and comfortable surroundings.

Our range of services and products mean you will get the best solution to your eye care needs. Whether it is up to date designer fashion to get the look you want, contact lenses for when glasses just won't do, or more specialist solutions such as sports eyewear, Prince & Bates is dedicated to providing you with eyecare and eyewear tailored to you.

We can also visit you at home if you are unable to get to one of our branches unaided.