With the recent advances in lens materials and prescription ranges available, most people are suitable for contact lens wear at a reasonable cost, meaning you could benefit from the clear vision and comfort offered by contact lenses and be free from your glasses. If you have an up to date spectacle prescription, then all you need is a contact lens fitting in order to get started This involves some extra measurements of the curvature of the eye, instruction on how to look after the lenses, and some trial lenses to have a go with.

As an independent we have access to a wide range of suppliers for our contact lenses including:

What are the costs?

At Prince & Bates, there are no initial payments for trying contact lenses at the time of fitting. Having used your trial lenses, if you decide it is not for you, there is nothing to pay. Only if you decide to go ahead and continue with contact lens wear will you have to pay for the fitting and any future lenses. So there really is nothing to lose!

Different schemes of payment and care plans for contact lenses are available, depending on the lens type and how often they are worn. Members of Prince & Bates care plans are then entitled to a discount off any spectacles purchased from either practice, including sunglasses and sundries. Your optometrist will discuss the options available at the time of fitting.

Are contact lenses suitable for my prescription?

Lenses are available to correct short sight, long sight, astigmatism (curvature of the eye) and multifocals (to allow you see distance and near). There are even lenses you can leave in for put to a whole month. Most prescriptions can now be corrected using contact lenses, but your optometrist will be able to discuss the options available to best suit your needs.

Orthokeratology now available using EyeDream

Very simply, EyeDream is a specially designed contact lens that reverses the power of the cornea, at the front of the eye during overnight wear. Once the full effect has taken place, the eye is effectively 'normal' and can see clearly during the day.

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