Tiered Eye Examination details

*3D OCT Scan carried out at the Burton Practice

We now offer three levels of eye examination to suit your needs. There are extra tests that can be performed in addition to the standard eye exam that enable us to monitor the health of your eyes more closely, using pictures and scans of the back of the eye.

Patients claiming a NHS sight test will receive a Standard Level eye examination at no charge, with Fundus Photography or OCT available for an additional charge as detailed in the table opposite.

A standard eye examination is normally about 30 minutes in duration. If supplementary tests are performed then you should allow 45 minutes for the full examination.

Fundus Photograph images

Fundus Photography

Suitable for all ages, the camera takes a picture of the back surface of the eye (but not a scan of the deeper layers as with OCT). This can help detect any changes on the surface of the retina, helping to keep a record of the health and condition of the eyes.

Field Screening images

Visual Field Screening

A simple test that can pick up areas of loss in your visual field. If any defect is found a more detailed Visual Field analysis may be required.

Supplementary Procedures

OCT Scan images

OCT Scan (Opitcal Coherence Tomography)

OCT scan in progressSuitable for all ages, this 3D cross-sectional scan of the back of the eye illustrates the different layers. When performed alongside each routine eye examination, OCT can provide a way of monitoring the health and condition of your eyes. Analysis can show subtle changes over time. Extra detail can be seen that is not visible during a standard eye exam, or fundus photography.

For more information about OCT scanning, please click here