Prince & Bates offer the following services :

Eye examinations, A thorough eye exam can give you peace of mind that your eyes are healthy, or if any action needs to be taken then this will be managed accordingly to get you the most appropriate eyecare. For many eye conditions, the earlier they are detected and treated, the more successful the outcome.

Contact Lens Fitting, With the recent advances in lens materials and prescription ranges available, most people are suitable for contact lens wear at a reasonable cost.

Diabetic Screening, Those with diabetes are more susceptible to changes at the back of the eyes (diabetic retinopathy), so retinal screening programmed has been set up to detect any changes early so they can be managed accordingly.

Low Vision Assessment, For some people spectacles may not give the required vision due to problems with eyes, making tasks such as reading and writing very difficult.

Home Visits, Prince & Bates offer sight testing at your home, if getting into the practice is not possible.