Orthokeratology (or Ortho-K) involves sleeping in a lens overnight that gently changes the curvature of your cornea (the front of your eye) so that when you wake up the lenses can be removed and you can see clearly and comfortably throughout the day without the need for any contact lenses or glasses. This option is great for those with an active lifestyle that feel restricted by glasses and conventional contact lenses, or those considering laser surgery that are concerned about the associated risks. See what Suzanne, one of our current Ortho-K wearers has to say about her experience.

I've been using Eyedream lenses for eight years. They're worn overnight during sleep and taken out upon awakening the next day. I had been using glasses and soft contact lenses in the past but always had sensitive eyes. After being short sighted for 30 years to get 20/20 vision without glasses is amazing as I've never felt comfortable in glasses and have suffered some irritation with soft contact lenses in air conditioned environments and at the end of the day. As they are hard lenses they took a little practice to wear but were fine after a few nights. I go for regular check ups the same as I always have done but I've never really had any problems. I would definitely recommend (and have done!) Eyedream lenses to others, they have worked really well for me.

I've been using Eyedream lenses for eight years.